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Fees & Financial Support


Fees and Financial Assistance

Australian students are eligible to apply for AustudyHECS-HELP or FEE-HELP (a Commonwealth Government student loan program) and SA-HELP. Please contact us for further information.

All students wishing to utilise FEE-HELP must read the Federal Government’s FEE-HELP information booklet, Students applying for a FEE HELP loan.

Students that would like to use SA-HELP must read the Federal Government's SA-HELP booklet, Students applying for SA-HELP. 

BBI students click on the image below to view the 2017 fees


BBI-UoN students click on the image below to view the 2017 fees

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What does FEE-HELP mean for you?

  • FEE-HELP offers up to $96,000 in tuition fees over the lifetime of a student.
  • Student repayments commence if personal income reaches $51,309 (the 2013/2014 figure).
  • If you never earn above the threshold, you will never have to repay your debt.
  • There is no loan fee or interest applied to FEE-HELP for postgraduate study.
  • Students select the FEE-HELP option when they enrol in their first course in the University of Newcastle student management system MyHub.
  • The Commonwealth Government pays FEE-HELP directly to the University of Newcastle.
  • FEE-HELP allows you to study from anywhere in the world, as long as you are an Australian citizen.


Disclosure Statement
All organisations intending on offering HELP loans must go through an approval process. Following approval by the Federal Minister for Education, each notice of approval is subject to a disallowance period of 15 sitting days in both Houses of Parliament. In BBI’s case, the disallowance period ends on Friday 8 September 2017. During this time the approval may be ‘disallowed’ and the provider will no longer be able to offer HELP assistance. Students accessing, or considering accessing, HELP assistance at an approved Higher Education provider who is in their disallowance period,  should be aware that if the provider becomes subject to a disallowance by Federal Parliament they will be unable to access HELP assistance for the remainder of the course they are enrolled in and can only receive HELP loans for units of study with census dates before any disallowance motions are passed.


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