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Fees & Financial Support

Fees and Financial Assistance

Australian students are eligible to apply for AustudyHECS-HELP or FEE-HELP (a Commonwealth Government student loan program) and SA-HELP. Please contact us for further information.

BBI has recently been accredited as a Higher Education Provider in September 2016 and as a result, is waiting for the application for FEE-HELP to be approved. We will advise students immediately once FEE-HELP becomes available. 

BBI students click on the image below to view the 2017 fees


BBI-UoN students click on the image below to view the 2017 fees

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What does FEE-HELP mean for you?

  • FEE-HELP offers up to $96,000 in tuition fees over the lifetime of a student.
  • Student repayments commence if personal income reaches $51,309 (the 2013/2014 figure).
  • If you never earn above the threshold, you will never have to repay your debt.
  • There is no loan fee or interest applied to FEE-HELP for postgraduate study.
  • Students select the FEE-HELP option when they enrol in their first course in the University of Newcastle student management system MyHub.
  • The Commonwealth Government pays FEE-HELP directly to the University of Newcastle.
  • FEE-HELP allows you to study from anywhere in the world, as long as you are an Australian citizen.


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