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Learning Objectives

This intensive course has been designed to assist the formation of current and future leaders in the knowledge, skills, leadership disposition and awareness necessary for effective governance in the Catholic sector. The course gives broad attention to Catholic identity, canonical, ecclesiological and contextual issues of participants and seeks to enhance a board director, trustee or senior executive’s understanding of their practice of Catholic governance.The course is:

  • limited to forty participants in order to maximise learning and allow for effective interaction and group discussion;
  • specifically tailored to address issues and concerns at trustee, board director and senior executive level;
  • an opportunity to engage in learning, reflection, conversation and application to your own ministry using a facilitated learning approach;
  • an opportunity to deepen conversation with peers over significant issues facing Catholic leaders now and into the future; and 
  • an opportunity to link the duties and responsibilities of Company Directors with the Church’s rich reflection and understanding of leadership at a theological, canonical and pastoral level.

Content covered will include:

  • Leadership in the context of Church ministry
  • Canon law in the context of Church ministry
  • Theological underpinnings of the Church’s mission 
  • Responsibilities and obligations devolving to leaders of a Catholic ministry
  • Implications for leaders in aligning with canon law obligations

BBI supports the Catholic identity of services in health, aged care, social work and education sectors by providing opportunities for critical reflection on the mission of Jesus, especially his healing ministry, and on the Gospel’s teachings of compassion, justice and profound respect for humanity at an individual and organisational level.

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