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"Professor Richard Lennan has long been one of Australia's finest theologians, by now our leading ecclesiologist. He is a thinker who can communicate, gifted as both writer and speaker. Richard Lennan may not have the national profile he dserves, chiefly because he has been living and working in Boston in the USA in recent years. Now we have a chance to hear him in Australia and that is a welcome opportunity."


"Massimo Faggioli is a young Italian layman who lives and works in the USA but who in a short time has acquired an international profile.  He is difficult to categorise in other ways:  historian, theologian, cultural critic, controversialist?  So too he evades ideological pigeon-holing:  conservative, liberal, traditional, progressive?  Beyond all the categories, Massimo Faggioli is a deeply grounded scholar and a man of the Church."


Archbishop of Brisbane, Most Reverend Mark Coleridge.

"Richard Lennan is... an inspiring teacher, able to get complex ideas across in a way that makes them clear and attractive."

Reverend Philip Endean SJ, Lecturer in Theology, University of Oxford.

"Fr. Richard Lennan is widely acknowledged as one of the most authoritative interpreters of Karl Rahner's works today. Much in demand as a speaker, he is the author of numerous books and articles making Rahner's work accessible both to those meeting Rahner for the first time and those seeking to deepen their knowledge."

Professor Mary Hines, Professor of Theology, Emmanuel College, Boston, USA.

"Professor Massimo Faggioli brings incredible intellect, knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Church, Catholic Social Teaching and the role of ministry in today's Church. The depth of his canonical and historical knowledge combined with his ability to translate this into today's world provides unique insights for not only working with today's Church but in understanding who the Church is and where the future might take us."

Mr Stephen Cornelissen, Chief Executive Officer, Mercy Health


"Once again BBI-TAITE is at the forefront of providing key professional development for leaders in Australian Catholic healthcare and education."

Professor Maryanne Confoy RSC, Professor of Practical Theology at the Jesuit Theological College, and Melbourne College of Divinity University. 

"The opportunity to learn with Profesor Massimo Faggioli is the chance of a lifetime! He is a leading scholar on Vatican II, its aftermath and the impact of Pope Francis".

Rev Prof Gerald O'Collins SJ AC, Research Professor, Jesuit Theological College, Melbourne.

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