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Principal and CEO's Message

Welcome to BBI - The Australian Institute of Theological Education

Gerard-Goldman-BBI-CEO and PrincipalBBI was built on the extraordinary legacy of Bishop David Walker’s Centre for Christian Spirituality, established almost 40 years ago. The work of The Centre was ahead of its time and provided new opportunities for theological distance education to people previously unable to access it.

Bishop Walker’s vision lives on, with BBI retaining a focus on transformation, innovation, inspiration, and accessibility. The Institute has focused on reading the ‘signs of the times’ and embracing the positive changes in our culture, particularly communication technology that has revolutionised the way we connect with each other. BBI also provides opportunities to think critically through the many challenging issues related to religion and culture in our current times.

Theology, Spirituality, Religious Education and Leadership, like any areas of study, must be relevant and draw from the best resources that are available. We are delighted that students and partners find in BBI a team who is not afraid of change but, rather, willing to explore opportunities, discover the best from emerging systems of knowledge and technologies and how these can be applied in our changing contexts. We are confident that you will find in all our academic areas the latest ideas, insights and findings from relevant research and scholarship, as well as those timeless truths that remain foundational across generations.

Our teaching is underpinned by the latest in educational research.  We embrace, for instance the latest findings from the field of neuroscience, which emphasise among other things: the multiple learning styles of individuals; the importance of social interaction in the learning process (we are committed to forming learning communities); the need to link cognitive and affective ways of knowing with the role of imagination; the importance of visual and multi-sensory dimensions in learning; and, the desirability of linking students in with their own powerful metaphors and stories.

BBI understands that learning is a two-way phenomenon and so our students and partners understand that we value deeply their gifts, skills and commitment. We are happy to be challenged, we are truly honoured to be part of the lives of others, and we do not take their trust for granted.

While we have grown enormously since 2003, now delivering the largest theology program in Australia, we have not forgotten that our relationship with each student and partner remains at the heart of our work.

Welcome to our community.

Dr Gerard Goldman
Principal and Chief Executive Officer

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