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Challenge Your Ideas

Rebecca Belobrajdic is a young Catholic high school teacher who graduated from the Graduate Certificate in Theology with UON-BBI in April 2015. One week later, she graduated from a Bachelor of Arts with a Diploma of Education – her first undergraduate degree from Macquarie University.

Rebecca Belobrajdic Graduation 2“The best thing about the Grad Cert was that I could do it concurrently with my bachelor’s degree,” Rebecca said. By studying concurrently, Rebecca was able to broaden her career options before she had graduated. “I thought, I’d rather get it now, rather than go back to uni later in life,” Rebecca said. “I’ve always been a Catholic and I wanted to teach in a Catholic school but it’s so hard now, [to get a job] so I thought it would improve my job prospects.”

Straight after she graduated, Rebecca secured a job in a Catholic School in Sydney’s Western Suburbs where she currently teaches history and geography. “I’m also qualified to teach society and culture, and of course religious education. I’m not teaching RE at the moment, but I wanted to have it there to open up more doors and opportunities later on in my career. It also helps me to contribute to the co-curricular religious life of the school.”

Rebecca has now enrolled in the Master of Theology program with UON-BBI. “The master’s courses are so relevant to me, as a high school teacher, particularly the studies of religion courses.”

When she first started studying theology, she found it challenging to get her head around the terminology. “I had never studied religious education before but the support I got from the tutors and lecturers was fantastic - they always helped me and never made me feel stupid. I had such a good experience.”

Rebecca’s favourite course in the Graduate Certificate was Biblical Studies “I really enjoyed looking at the Bible in different ways and being able to question things. I found the two versions of creation and the story of Noah’s Ark really interesting, particularly being able to consider the issues and look at different interpretations. It’s a course that makes you think about things, challenge your ideas and challenge what you’ve been told.”

Rebecca Belobrajdic Graduation


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