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Gaining fresh insights into RE teaching

Religious Education teacher, Michael Halliday says his recent Master’s degree in Theology through BBI has given him fresh insights into the thinking of young people in the Church today which has greatly enhanced his everyday work.

“Catholic schools have changed so much since I started teaching in them 20 years ago and I really wanted to challenge myself around how I could best speak about God in today’s world”, Michael explained.

With the support of his school, Mater Maria College in Sydney, Michael embarked upon the Master’s course two years ago and he said it has been an incredibly rewarding journey for him.

Michael Halliday classroom pic

“I’d definitely recommend studying at BBI because it not only enhances your professional development, but also can be incredibly rewarding on a personal and spiritual level as well”.

Michael undertook his undergraduate studies in theology in the 1990s and he was eager to update his skills to meet the changing needs of Catholic schools today.

“I did the course to help challenge me to be a better RE teacher with a stronger understanding and appreciation around contemporary theology and especially as it relates to young people today.”

“BBI’s courses are very practical and firmly geared towards helping you in your work in the classroom and the online delivery is another great strength for busy professionals”, he added.

Michael said he particularly enjoyed the practical RE units, including Religion and Young People in Australia and Abroad and Religious Education in the Contemporary Classroom.

“The BBI lecturers were incredibly supportive, so that whenever you emailed or phoned them, I knew they would get back to me within 24 hours with a reliable response directly dealing with the issue I was asking them about”.

Michael found the study workload of around ten hours of work each week was very manageable around his family commitments and he particularly liked the integration of some face-to-face seminars into the course.

“That was a great opportunity to network with fellow students, including teachers from other schools and to meet the lecturers in person as well”, he said.



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