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I Study Through Choice

Di Rayson

Di Rayson has had various careers in public health and justice, including in Drug and Alcohol, health education, and crime prevention. She spent 6 years working in PNG and nearly a decade in the NT government. 

As well as completing a Master of Public Health, Di is also a cellist and singer, farmer and mum. Di spoke to BBI about her reasons for studying Theology with UON-BBI.

“I began studying theology in order to investigate why the Church wasn't more engaged in political issues, including climate change. Initially I did Master of Theology through UON-BBI and now I am a PhD candidate.

I was inspired to study this subject because I view Theology as a valid ministry within the Church. I saw a gap in people's understanding of humanity's relationship to the rest of creation and wanted to help fill it by doing some solid theological work to support laypeople be able to be more politically active, and to flourish spiritually.

The rigorous academic standard and individualised approach to the degree made it especially attractive. Other institutions had prerequisites that didn’t reflect my own academic and professional journey and so their degrees didn’t meet my needs.

I chose to study with UON-BBI because of the high calibre academic staff and great online services, but most especially because of the contemporary approach to theology education. The faculty come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience and they are all highly expert, very supportive and accessible. The reading lists are comprehensive and wide-ranging and I really enjoyed being exposed to new areas of thinking, different theologians and alternative paradigms.

For me it's been life-changing and much more of an adventure than what I thought I was signing up for! Despite initially studying online, I have met some inspiring people and made some really good friends. In particular, ‘meeting’ Dietrich Bonhoeffer has both reshaped my theological approach and inspired a new personal spirituality.

What began as a passion to investigate climate change and the Church has been nurtured by BBI-UON into a potential new career in Theology. So journeying with UoN-BBI has had unintended, but fantastic, consequences.”

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