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Makes Me More Employable

Rebeca TamasRebeca Tamas is a University of Newcastle undergraduate studying a Bachelor of Teaching with a major in languages and a minor in religious studies. She has just completed the course ‘Searching out the Spiritual’ (Theo1040) taught by Prof Terry Lovat, Mike Foley and Dan Fleming.

“It was a very well structured course, starting with the general and then getting into the specific examples. I enjoyed the variety of having the three lecturer-tutors and the mix of face-to-face and online learning. I enjoyed going to lectures on campus but also when I attended a relative’s wedding in Adelaide I appreciated that I could write and submit my minor essay from there. There’s flexibility in the learning that suits me, allows me to support myself through working, and fits my lifestyle.

“I also appreciated that the course materials were mostly included in the cost of the course, most of them in fact I could access online. There were no expensive text books and I read most of them online, though I did go to the library and borrow books too.

“I’ve been thinking about this course a lot actually. What made it memorable? The tutors were personal and they were open to any question, no matter how risky, and they had high expectations of me that made me want to move through the work to the next level. The course was structured but had a lot of creativity in the options for essay topics.

“I am studying to be a teacher and at school I enjoyed studies of religion so the theology at UoN was an extension of this. The theology taught by UoN and BBI satisfies the criteria of quality teaching, quality learning environment and significance.

“With religious studies I feel I can explore deeper aspects of life- all to do with identity and the human soul, and it asks that you be creative as well. As someone who is going into teaching as a career I also feel that a grounding in theology makes me more employable, gives me the flexibility of applying for jobs in government and church systems.”

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