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Our Approach & Mission

Our Approach

BBI - The Australian Institute of Theological Education is a leading Catholic provider of theology dedicated to teaching and research, to scholarship and publication, to service and community.

BBI-TAITE draws proudly on the rich intellectual heritage of the Catholic tradition in its approach to the study of Theology. This means that BBI-TAITES’s programs are characterised by intellectual rigour and dialogue with all academic disciplines that join in the quest for truth, as well as having a keen eye on what the Second Vatican Council referred to as ‘the signs of the times’, meaning a careful and critical understanding of our current context. BBI-TAITE thus provides an approach to the study of Theology that is at once ancient but also fresh and new. It is centred on understanding key issues arising in the world and how they relate to religious traditions within a multi-cultural and multi-faith society.  This thereby provides a context in which Theology’s service to society, churches and other religious communities, as well as its related academic disciplines, can be fulfilled.  Our programs are open to all, irrespective of beliefs or of religious or non-religious background. This makes our learning community a diverse multicultural and multi-religious environment in which people from many different backgrounds study and interact side by side. 

Our Mission

BBI-TAITE’s mission is to provide quality education to all members of the community with a commitment to teaching excellence grounded in contemporary and applied research.

In its scholarship, the Institute draws on the rich intellectual life of the Catholic tradition in dialogue with other faith traditions, all relevant academic disciplines, and the religious and non-religious debates that rage in the public square. Our goal is to pursue and share truth for its own sake by providing a forum for open discussion and enquiry into matters of concern for the human community wherever these concerns might be found.



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