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Our Story

BBI has had a long history which incorporates a series of developmental stages over a 40 year period.

Fr David Walker and colleagues founded the Catholic Correspondence Centre (CCC) to make serious theological study and reflection more available to people in the light of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council.
Fr David Walker established the Centre for Christian Spirituality (The Centre) at Randwick to assist clergy, religious and laity integrate the changes that were happening in the Church by forming leaders in this area.
The Centre became an Associate Member of the Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) and a Full Member in 2001. BBI now offers distance education to teachers in Catholic Schools.
BBI Logo RoundThe Centre gifts its academic programs to the Diocese of Broken Bay and The Broken Bay Institute (BBI) is born. BBI relocates to Diocesan headquarters, transitions into seminar and online education modes and delivers courses to increasing numbers of Catholic Education Offices.
BBI partnered with the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to deliver its first eConference on The Year of Saint Paul. Over 20,000 people from parishes and Catholic agencies all over Australia came together via web streaming for the event.
BBI partnered with The University of Newcastle to provide online and face-to-face theological education to a broad range of students in a variety of locations, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. As a result, BBI's student body experienced rapid growth.
After surveying over 1,000 people, BBI launched the flexible and affordable Adult Faith Online short courses. In higher education, BBI achieved exceptional rates of course enrolment growth, student retention and student satisfaction.
BBI celebrated its tenth anniversary by hosting two BBI-ACBC eConferences and launching the International Speakers Series. These special events were held with visiting professors from Universities and Colleges around the globe.
Useful links square BBI expands its theology program offering and partners with multiple Universities and Colleges across Australia and internationally. Partners include the University of Newcastle, Sydney College of Divinity, University of Tasmania, University of Wollongong and Saint Paul University, Ottawa.
Useful links square BBI becomes accredited as a Higher Education Provider (HEP) by the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA). This enables BBI to confer higher education degrees which are recognised and benchmarked with universities, colleges and other tertiary institutions throughout the country.
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