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Teaching Philosophy

We are committed to delivering a modern, interdisciplinary approach to Theology and a unique educational experience that prepares our students to lead and make informed decisions about real-world issues and problems by drawing on the enduring richness of the discipline. Our partnerships with universities and colleges strengthen our teaching and research capacity, so enabling an expanded variety of Theology courses to be offered. 

Our approach to Theology is all-encompassing, meaning that our programs are accessible and affordable to all people, irrespective of their geographical location, prior education, or personal faith convictions. This is why BBI not only offers academic programs but also non-academic courses through online, face-to-face and blended modes of delivery, as well as conferences streamed live over the internet and via multi-media outlets. 

Serving our student body is central to our mission, and so we support not only each one’s academic progress but their personal well-being also. We are small enough to provide individualised attention yet large enough to be a centre for excellence in the development of students who are preparing to take on leading positions in society or perhaps become the theologians of tomorrow.

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