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Why Study Theology?

If you're interested in:

  • why God and religion are generating so much interest in our current time, and how to engage in discussions about this;
  • what role religious faith plays in the lives of people today, including in the areas of ethics, politics, violence and peace, art and the media;
  • how to approach, interpret and understand sacred texts
  • the origins, development and importance of religious traditions and teachings, and the many remarkable people involved in this;

...then this is the degree for you!

Theology graduates are highly sought after in a range of careers.

A Theology degree offers an opportunity to explore, deepen understanding and challenge the perceptions of the world in which we live now, of its historical and religious roots, of the practical impact of the religious traditions and of the wider questions about human existence. The main subject areas are: World Religions, Systematic Theology, Religious History, Ethics, Biblical Studies, Practical Theology and Spirituality.

The courses are designed in such a way that people from a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives will better understand faith, religion, and their place in the world today – whether their own faith or that of other people.

The many opportunities for conversation with other disciplines (philosophy, history, literature and literary studies, sociology, cultural studies, film and media studies, aboriginal studies, education, anthropology, gender studies, politics, social work, the natural and social sciences) make a Theology degree one of the most academically stimulating you could choose.

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