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Why Study With Us?

BBI is accredited as a Higher Education Provider (HEP) by the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) – Australia's independent national regulator of the higher education sector.

When you study through BBI - The Australian Institute of Theological Education, you will receive many benefits, such as:

  • First-class faculty members using the latest pedagogical research will be teaching you, ensuring your educational success.
  • We're experts at online learning with over 30 years experience in theological higher education, delivered through online, distance and face-to-face seminars.
  • Our reach across Australia is extensive. BBI is not limited by bricks and mortar, we offer the same opportunities to students in rural and urban settings, in every State and Territory in Australia.
  • Studying online means a flexible timetable so you can fit your study around work/family commitments or while studying at another institution.
  • Different learning modes means flexibility for students, with blended face-to-face and online, or purely online learning, which can match a student’s mix of study, work and lifestyle.
  • BBI offers competitively priced courses as we are mindful of the cost of tertiary education in Australia and have positioned the fees as competitively and affordably as possible.
  • Broad study options with multiple subject areas: Leadership & Theology, Religious Education, Theological Studies and Governance & Canon Law.
  • BBI offers a practical, fresh approach to theology and will shed light on areas such as the history of humanity, human motivation, the existence of God and more.
  • Theology helps you understand the world we live in.
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