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New Ways of Living the Gospel: Spiritual Traditions in Catholic Schools

$49.95 (incl GST)


By Dr James D’Orsa and Professor Therese D’Orsa

New Ways of Living the Gospels: Spiritual Traditions in Catholic Schools is the fourth edition in the Mission and Education series. Be inspired with new ways of linking faith and your education mission. The spiritual traditions within the Catholic Church have formed the building blocks of many Catholic schools; how have they adapted to meet the changing needs of modern Australian school communities? How have they assisted in promoting a strong Catholic Identity?

Explore how religious congregations and the lay movements they inspire are evolving their charism, traditions, Catholic identity, pedagogy and finding new ways to live and espouse the Gospels. Uncover the range of exceptional initiatives currently bringing the Gospels to life, for and with, Catholic educators from congregations including the Good Samaritans, Sisters of St Joseph, Selesians, Marists, Christian Brothers, Edmund Rice Education Australia, Jesuits  and more.

RRP: $49.95 (incl GST)

BBI Student and Alumni price: $42.46 (incl GST)

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