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eConference DVD Complete Series 1-14

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Learn about your faith, challenge your knowledge, nourish your soul

National eConference DVDs
Complete Series 1-14

  • Synodality in Practice: Listening to the Spirit and Leading Change eConference
  • Gospel Leadership in Times of Chaos: the Hope of Pope Francis
  • Mercy: A Way of Being in the World
  • Religion: Catalyst for Violence or Peace? Probing the Abrahamic Traditions for Answers
  • Pope Francis: Following the Ministry of St Peter
  • Gospel of St John - the Love of God Made Visible
  • Gospel of St Mark - a Crucified and Risen Messiah
  • Vatican II: An Event of Grace
  • The Holy Spirit - Giver of Life
  • Jesus - the Christ
  • Mary - First Disciple
  • The Man and His Mission - the Year of St Paul
  • St Luke - Come to the Table
  • Following Jesus: Matthew

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