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Explorers, Guides & Meaning-makers: Mission Theology for Catholic Educators

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By Dr James D’Orsa and Professor Therese D’Orsa

Explorers, Guides and Meaning-Makers: Mission Theology for Catholic Educators on mission theology is a significant contribution to a field invariably characterised as being either highly ethereal or overly practical. Either way, mission theology has a history of being marginalised among theologies because its relevance is understated or it is regarded as insufficiently scholarly.

The great contribution of this book is in the correction these misperceptions. In one hit, they demonstrate that mission theology is well founded on religious scholarship and stands tall in the field while, at the same time, illustrating its practicality for workers in a variety of religious contexts.

This book has been commended by Professor Gerald Grace, Director, Centre for Research and Development in Catholic Education, United Kingdom, Archbishop Philip Wilson, Archbishop of Adelaide and Professor T J Lovat, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Arts), University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

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RRP: $49.95 (incl GST)

BBI Student and Alumni price: $42.46 (incl GST) 

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