(02) 9847 0030

Dr Jennifer Close

Jenny CloseLiturgical Studies

BA, Dip FineArt, Dip Lit Studies, Grad Dip Theol,
Grad DipEd, Dip DigitalMedia, PhD

T: +61 2 9847 0030.
E: JClose@bbi.catholic.edu.au

Jennifer's first degree was in Fine Arts (painting) and then she trained as a teacher. For many years her work was shared between secondary school teaching for Brisbane Catholic Education and freelance liturgical art making.

In 2005, Jennifer was awarded a PhD in Theology from Griffith University. The title of her thesis was 'A Feminist Understanding of Liturgical Art'.

These days she spends her time teaching theology and maintaining her art practice, which has become more digital over the years. In teaching, Jenny's main areas of interest are Liturgy and Sacramental Theology.

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