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Rev. Dr Thomas Ryan sm - publications

Book Chapters

‘The Positive Function of Shame: Moral and Spiritual Perspectives’ in E. Vanderheiden, C-H. Mayer (Eds.), The Value of Shame: Exploring a Health Resource in Cultural Contexts (Springer International Publishing, 2017), 87-105.

‘Aquinas on Shame: A Contemporary Interchange’ in T. Brian Mooney & Mark Nowacki [Eds], Aquinas, Education and the East (Springer: Heidelberg/New York/London: 2013), 73-100.

‘Aquinas and Theology as Conversation’ in Michael Whelan SM [Ed.] Issues for Church and Society in Australia: The Aquinas Academy Jubilee Lectures (Strathfield NSW: St Pauls, 2006).

‘Ecology’ in Judith A. Dwyer [Ed.]. The New Dictionary of Catholic Social Thought [Collegeville MN, The Liturgical Press, 1994], 305-9.

Peer Reviewed Articles

‘Weakness, and Wounded and Troubled Love’ in Pope Francis Amoris Laetitia’, The Australasian Catholic Record 94: 2 (April) 2017, 131-147.

 ‘“Jesus-Our Wisest and Dearest Friend”: Aquinas on Moral Transformation’, New Blackfriars 97: 1071 (Sept), 2016, p. 575-510.

‘”Yes!’ And ‘Thou’ in Dag Hammarskjöld’s Markings: A Theological Investigation’, Irish Theological Quarterly, 81 (2), 2016, 119-137.

Our Pathway to God: ‘Taste’, Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 49:4, Summer, 2015, 37-41.

Commentaries for Sundays of Advent and Christmas Day, Pastoral Liturgy 46: 1, Nov. 2015 – Feb. 2016.

Commentaries for Sunday and Feasts June – July 5, Pastoral Liturgy 45: 3, 2015.

Our Pathway to God: ‘Scent’, Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 49:3, Spring, 2015, 25-30.

‘Our Pathway to God: ‘Touch’, Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 49:2, Winter, 2015, 2-9.

‘Our Pathway to God: Hearing’, Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 49:1, Autumn, 2015, 21-7.  

‘Liturgy, Spirituality and the Moral Life: Learning from Evelyn Underhill’, Pastoral Liturgy 45:2, 2015, 8-13.

 Commentaries for Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity and Corpus Christi for Pastoral Liturgy 45: 2, 2015. 

Commentaries for Australia Day & Weeks 4-6 of Ordinary Time for Pastoral Liturgy 45: 1, 2015. 

‘Our Pathway to God: Sight’ (plus Guest Editorial), Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 48:4, 14-20, Summer 2014. 

‘Our Pathway to God: Drawn by Desire’, Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 48:3, Spring 2014, 3-9. 

Reflection ‘If I were God for a Day, What Would I Do?’ Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 48:2, Winter 2014. 43-4. 

Commentaries for Holy Week in Pastoral Liturgy 44.2, March – June 2014, 20-29.

Commentaries for Sundays 28-30 & All Souls to Christ the King, in Pastoral Liturgy 44.3, June-November 2014, 65-69, 74-81.

‘Second Person Perspective, Virtues and the Gifts in Aquinas’s Ethics’, Australian eJournal of Theology 21.1: (April 2014). 

‘Abortion Before Marriage, Marriage Tribunal Jurisprudence and Moral Theology’, The Australasian Catholic Record 91:1, 2014, 58-72. 

‘Christian Ethics Today: Is the Ground Shifting?’ Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 48:1, Autumn 2014. 14-19. 

‘Does Liturgy Always Mean Being On A “High?”’, Liturgy News (43:4), December 2013, 6-7. 

‘Liturgy, Ethics and Reconciliation: Learning from Abraham Lincoln’s Rhetorical Art’, The Australasian Catholic Record 90:3, July 2013, 311-328.  

‘Covenantal Ethics, the Church and the Royal Commission on Sexual Abuse’, Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 47:1 (Autumn), 2013, 4-13.

‘Moral Conversion, Liturgy and The Preface to Eucharistic Prayer for Reconciliation II,’ Australian Journal of Liturgy, 13:1, 2012.

‘Reflections on the Two Eucharistic Prayers of Reconciliation and Moral Conversion’, Pastoral Liturgy, Vol 42, March 2012.

‘Christian Ethics: Moral Dilemmas or Something More’ Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 46:1, 2012.

‘Conscience as Primordial Moral Awareness in Gaudium et Spes and Veritatis Splendor’, Australian Ejournal of Theology 18.1, 2011.

‘By Way of Moral Beauty,’ Compass: A Review of Topical Theology 45:1 Autumn, 2011.

Review article ‘Faith and Culture in Conversation: Another Theologian at Work’: Review of Neil Ormerod, Creation, Grace and Redemption, (NY: Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2007) and Neil J. Ormerod & Shane Clifton, Globalisation and the Mission of the Church (London and New York: T & T Clark, 2009), The Australian Ejournal of Theology, 16, August 2010.

‘Aquinas on Compassion: Has He Anything To Offer Today?’ Irish Theological Quarterly 75:2, May 2010.

Co-author with ‘Genevieve’ and Peter Maher, Healing Abortion’s Trauma and Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat: From Three Participants’, The Australasian Catholic Record 85.2, April 2009.

‘Healthy Shame? An Interchange between Elspeth Probyn and Thomas Aquinas,’ Australian Ejournal of Theology, Issue 12, July 2008.

‘A Spirituality For Moral Responsibility: Evelyn Underhill Today’, The Australasian Catholic Record 85.2, April 2008.

‘Holy Spirit, Hidden God: Moral Life and the Non-Believer’, The Australasian Catholic Record, 84.4, October 2007. 

‘Evelyn Underhill on Spiritual Transformation: A Trinitarian Structure?’, The Australian EJournal of Theology, Issue 8 March 2007. 

‘Revisiting Affective Knowing and Connaturality in Aquinas,’ Theological Studies 66:1, March 2005.

‘Psychic Conversion and St. Thérèse of Lisieux’: The Australasian Catholic Record 82: 1, 2005.

‘Psychic Conversion and St. Thérèse of Lisieux’: The Australasian Catholic Record 82: 1, 2005.

‘In God’s Image: Towards a Theology of our Emotions,’ Compass; Review of Topical Theology 37:7, 2003.

‘“Speaking For Myself Personally” …Awareness of Self, Of God, Of Others’: The Australasian Catholic Record 79:3, July, 2002.

‘Aquinas' Integrated View of Emotions, Morality and the Person': Pacifica 14:1, February 2001. 

‘Positive and Negative Emotions in Aquinas: Retrieving a Distorted Tradition’:  The Australasian Catholic Record 78:2, April, 2001.

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