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Tracy McEwan

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   E: tmcewan@bbi.catholic.edu.au

Tracy McEwan is currently undertaking a PhD in theology at the University of Newcastle. Her research will explore the religious identity and participation of Generation X women in Australia who currently or have previously identified as Catholic. Tracy aims to use the stories and experiences of these women, in conversation with Church teaching, doctrine and practices, to investigate new forms of theological and ecclesial engagement that might assist the Australian Church to engage in respectful dialogue with Generation X women regarding their participation.

Tracy has a Master of Theology from The University of Newcastle and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Mathematics) from the University of Technology Sydney. She has previously lectured in Mathematics at the University of Wollongong, and has worked as a mathematics and statistics tutor at the University of Technology Sydney.

Tracy made the leap from mathematics and statistics to theology after volunteering as a special religious education (SRE) teacher in NSW Public Schools. She has worked for Sydney Catholic Schools as a Family Educator and currently teaches accreditation courses for SRE teachers with The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) in Southern Sydney. As an experienced and skilled adult educator, Tracy is organised, flexible and creative in the planning and delivery of educational opportunities, placing emphasis on student engagement.  



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