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Dr Dianne Rayson

Di RaysonTheology

DipAppSci (Nursing), BN (Community Nursing), MPH, MTh, PhD

T: +61 2 9847 0030
E: drayson@bbi.catholic.edu.au

Dianne Rayson recently completed a doctorate in theology at the University of Newcastle. Her thesis explored Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s potential to influence eco-theological and eco-ethical thinking in the current era.

Dr Rayson is a member of the International Bonhoeffer Society Board and was the 2013 Flechtheim Scholar for Bonhoeffer studies. As well as a Master of Theology, Dianne holds a Master of Public Health and has worked in public policy and community development in PNG, the Northern Territory, and NSW. She currently teaches both theology and sociology of health.

For a full list of publications, click on the link.

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