Decoding the Code has been an integral journey to my development as a leader in Catholic healthcare. It has highlighted that working for a values based organisation is a privilege. The course has also emphasised the fragility of life, the dignity of the human person, and how showing compassion and respect is of utmost importance to ensuring we care for the whole person.”
Andrea Rindt
Nurse Director Women and Children
Cabrini Health


“I am grateful to have been able to participate in the course and believe that I have gained a valuable insight into the Catholic ethos surrounding health care. The ‘Code’ is something I have recognised as a guiding set of principles when reviewing research proposals but I will now view it with greater wisdom and appreciation for the values it endorses.”
Nancy Olszewski
Research Coordinator
Calvary Health Care Adelaide


Decoding the Code has given me a much deeper understanding of the Catholic ethical vision…Having participated in the course, I now feel better able to navigate my way through the Code and the section of End of Life is especially relevant to my work in residential aged care.”
Michael Taylor
Manager Pastoral Services
Residential Aged Care, Mercy Health


“The course shows that the Code is invaluable in better understanding the Catholic environment I work in, and assists in my decision making on an almost daily basis. This will mean that it will be found on the desk, not in the cupboard but also shared with my work colleagues, not only at the times needed but also as a point of discussion or reflection prior to meetings.”
Helen Miller
Director Business and Service Development
Aged Care Services NSW
St Vincent’s Health Australia


A course on ethics should not be reduced to a discussion of situational ethics, and rather should incorporate the totality of what it means to be an ethical person and this is what Decoding the Code managed to do. It has been an invaluable learning opportunity and by participating in the course I feel I have improved in my practice as a healthcare practitioner and as an ethical person.”
Sarah Tapp
Registered Midwife
Auburn Hospital


“The greatest learning for me throughout the course was the ricgness in the detail of the ‘Code.’ It has been taken off my crowded bookshelf and has become a more defined, point of reference for me in my work. I am grateful for the opportunity and would encourage other members of staff to participate. The variety of speakers and readings was very beneficial”.
Bridget O’Shannassy
Pastoral Care Services Manager
Villa Maria Catholic Health


“I really enjoyed being part of the first ethics course. The readings were interesting and thought provoking. While it was new to me to take part in online learning and suited my time at the moment, I would have to say that the first session that we came together for was great. I came away enthused, wanting to learn more and I could see that there were people around like me, people who wanted to bring this ethical conversation alike.”
Catherine Stolp
Villa Maria Catholic Homes