Fundamentals of Church Governance and Administration 2022

Join Fr Brian Lucas, Director of Catholic Mission as over two afternoons as he presents a short course on Fundamentals of Church Governance and Administration. These two afternoons will cover two topics each afternoon over 2 hours from 2.30pm-4.30pm (AEDT

Day One: Tuesday 22 November, 2022

  1. The Church and its Structure
  2. Church Organisations and Juridic Personality


An introduction to church governance (ideal for people newly working in church agencies in a leadership role) for anyone interested in understanding more about governance covering:

  • The nature of the church and its mission
  • The hierarchical structure of the church, internationally, nationally and locally
  • Laity and clergy
  • Synodality
  • Dioceses and parishes
  • Religious Orders and Church organisations
  • Juridic persons

Day Two: Wednesday 23 November, 2022

  1. Canon Law and Civil Law
  2. Administration of Temporal Goods

The practicalities of church governance (ideal for people on finance councils or church boards) exploring in more depth how governance works in canon and civil law covering:

  • The basics of Canon Law
  • Church organisations and civil law recognition
  • Church trusts and Statutory Trust Corporations
  • Book V of the Code and the Administration of Temporal Goods
  • Duties of Administrators
  • Diocesan and Parish Finance Councils
  • Processes for consultation and consent
  • Risk Management