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Broken Bay Institue  Mission & Spirituality E-News
www.bbi.catholic.edu.au No. 8 | 16 March 2012

The Broken Bay Institute strives to respond to the faith education and ministry formation needs of individuals, parishes, schools and ministry groups within the local Church.


By Dr Catherine Thom

Welcome to the first Mission and Spirituality eNewsletter, and my first as editor, for 2012. Since I have been in the Ministry of Education at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels since 1960 (omitting my stint with Kinders as a Postulant at Woodburn) there might be some readers of this Newsletter who think they know me. I remember entering a classroom of hyper, and some thought, rebellious year nine girls in the 1970s and suggesting that each of us imagine a beautiful coloured glass bottle with a stopper

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Feature Article
Feminine Biblical Spirituality

By Dr Antoinette Collins

‘I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman’- this famous song from the 1970’s was a hopeful, brave and sometimes controversial statement 30 years ago… I was by God’s side, a master artisan, delighting God day after day…

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Ah Summer holidays-sun, beach, and…theology

By Debra Vermeer

While most Australians were still snoozing at the beach in January, about 50 people signed up for a summer challenge with a difference- a Broken Bay Institute theology summer school programme, featuring world renowned scripture scholar and theologian, Fr Gerald O’Collinssj.

Correcting the Drift

By Jim Quillinan

And so we welcome 2012, a leap year, a year containing one extra day to keep the calendar year synchronised with the astronomical or seasonal year.

Excerpt from World Council of Church document on Mission- summary

Excerpt from World Council of Church document on Mission- summary.

From the Director

By Fr Garry Wilson

We are all culturally conditioned and it takes a determined effort to stand in another’s shoes and try to see the world through their eyes. So the issues inside our Society are similar to the issues in the Catholic Church and indeed in Australian society; they are firmly in/on the Pacific Rim..

Ritual in the Pastoral Care of those Dying

By Joy Bowen

It is important to affirm the distinction between primary and supplementary rituals. What is offered here is an alternative in addition to official rites in the hope that pastoral care can stand beside families when waiting for death.

Sabbath Rest

By Teresa Pirola

Given the frenetic pace of the society in which we live, it might seem obvious to point out the importance of rest and ‘time-out’ for the refreshment of the human spirit.

Spirituality and Ministry

Excerpts on Spirituality from Sheldrake’s Explorations in Spirituality: History, Theology and Social Practice, pp. 2-5
…The sharp distinction made between ‘spirituality’ and ‘religion’ is unhelpful... Christian spirituality is inherently related to theology.

Message from the Bishop of Rome, Benedict XV1

 Pope Benedict XV1 has hailed the benefits of silent reflection and encouraged people to stop being ‘bombarded’ by information from the Internet. But the Pontiff says social networks could still be useful modes of communication

What’s On?

Augustine Centre for Spirituality
Celebrating the Antarctic
Grit lectures - University of Newcastle.


Book Reviews

Submitted by Heather Lang

Phillip Eaton.(2011). Engaging the Culture, Changing the World: The Christian University in a Post-Christian World.IVP Academic.

Katherine J Schori. (2011) The Heartbeat of God: Finding the sacred in the middle of Everything. Skylight Paths Publishing.

John B. Cobb. (2010) Spiritual bankruptcy: A Prophetic Call to Action. Abingdon Press.
Jayakumar Christian. (2011) God of the Empty-Handed: Poverty, Power and the Kingdom of God. Acorn Press.

Poetry for the beginning of Lent

Hymn for Good Friday: By Peter Abelard, 12 century philosopher
Where are you MotherChurch? By Noel Davis,
Easter Shadow: By Noel Davis

Word on Fire

Fr Robert Barron.

In his time he comments on many issues even relevant movies

Our Cry for Healing

 By Father David Ranson

…God touches our anxiety and our anguish and takes them into himself. They are not foreign to God. Yet, in God, our anxiety and our anguish meet infinite possibility.


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