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Broken Bay Institue  Mission & Spirituality E-News
www.bbi.catholic.edu.au No. 10 | 06 July 2012

The Broken Bay Institute strives to respond to the faith education and ministry formation needs of individuals, parishes, schools and ministry groups within the local Church.


 By Dr. Catherine Thom

We are made from Stardust is the essence of Dr Denis Edwards’ book in which he shares with his readers how intimately we humans are bound to , derived from and are responsible for our environment and the wider cosmos. This information urges us to take seriously the related social justice demands that flow from this fundamental truth.

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Feature Article
Dadirri Asceticism

Fr Eugene Stockton

What is the challenge of Dadirri? It is described as a form of contemplation which combines inner deep listening, quiet still awareness, patient waiting. That immediately runs counter to a national instinct to talk, do and get on with it. But it dose move us to rediscover the Sabbath and its associated values.

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A Journey to Change the Mind of a Climate Sceptic

By Anna Rose

This well known young woman is passionate about social justice issues and particularly the matter of climate change and how some prominent people refuse to acknowledge it. She shares some revealing facts in this article and makes the point that we Australians must take the issue seriously.

Columban Fr Sean McDonagh an ecological voice

‘Today, the Church that could give a voice, that could give leadership, is just not into it’, he said. ‘That’s what I feel. The only one to really address it was Pope John Paul II in 2001 when he called the church to ‘ecological conversion’.

Environmental Work in Schools

By Mary Connor

Thomas Berry once said, “both education and religion need to ground themselves with the story of the universe as we now understand this story…we can now overcome our alienation and begin the renewal of life on a sustainable basis.”

Finding a quiet place to listen.... to what?

By Jim Quillinan

It is important to listen to what is happening in our own bodies as well. The tooth ache, the pains, the twinges. Being a spiritual person recognises that we are made up of both body and soul (and from stardust). When our body, mind and spirit are in balance, we usually experience good health.

From the Director - God makes 'the new' possible

By Fr Garry Walker

At Pentecost we celebrate God’s initiative in leading us to new horizons and acknowledge that we are not God’s People by our own efforts.


I just met a woman who hasn???t seen Avatar

By Di Rayson

Apart from a jolly good romp through the galaxy involving human minds inhabiting giant blue bodies, Avatar is the Christian’s answer to ‘how to talk to people about why the environment is important to me.’

The Presence, Grace and Wisdom of People, Story and Place

By Luke Edwards

Seared in my memory is the manner in which my indigenous brothers and sisters, wisely, tenderly and humbly allowed me to participate in their world, in their place.

Pope Calls For Refugees' Rights To Be Respected

Message from the Bishop of Rome, Benedict XV1 about Refugees and the conclusion of the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin.

What's On?
  • Understanding Comparative Theology: A conversation at ACU with Professor F X. Clooney sj.
  • Orientale Lumen Conference
  • Ecology, Cosmology and Spirituality a two day course at BBI given by the world famous writer and inspirational speaker Dr Denis Edwards.
  • Lecture on Fifty Years since the Goulburn Strike of Catholic schools.
  • National Catholic Resource Centre Network Conference
    Members coming together to discuss and view each other’s resources.
  • 8th Annual Bonheoffer Conference will address the issues of
    Religionless Christianity in Australia.
  • Inaugural NSW Timor-Leste Forum with Kirsty Swords Gusmo as guest speaker.
    The workshop will treat many educational topics of interest to friends of Timor Leste and will hopefully advance this new nation to our north.
  • eConference on Vatican II , 10 October with
    Bishop Michael Putney and Mary Anne Confoy as keynote speakers.



Book Review

Reviewed by Heather Lang

This book, Madlands: A Journey to Change the Mind of a Climate Sceptic, tells the story of a passionate young Australian woman trying to change the mind of a politician about the reality of climate change.


Book Review

Reviewed by Matthew Benns, Far East publications 

Dirty Money: The true cost of Australia’s Mineral Boom.
The human cost of exploiting resources is alarming. There is intimidation, rape and murders; the loss of livelihoods, for example, less fish for local communities in Papua New Guinea and the Philippines as rivers and reefs are polluted; disregard for the spiritual meaning of undisturbed places.


Majesty Divine - A hymn to the Blessed Trinity

A poem/hymn by Father Faber in celebration of the Trinity and creation whose feast the Church has recently celebrated .

Featured Websites

Sydney Observatory

Reflection: The Lesson of Nature: Trusting in a Power Not our Own

By Father David Ranson

Maybe this is why the child within us likes to plant a tree to mark the opening of a new project, or a new period in our social history. As we wonder at the future, it seems natural and right to plant a tree. We hope that our new endeavour will grow as does the tree.


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