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Broken Bay Institue  Mission & Spirituality E-News
www.bbi.catholic.edu.au No. 12 | 05 November 2012

The Broken Bay Institute strives to respond to the faith education and ministry formation needs of individuals, parishes, schools and ministry groups within the local Church.

Editorial: Vatican II Revisited

By Dr Catherine Thom

This is our second eNewsletter dedicated to reflections on the 21st Council for the 21st Century, to use part of the title of Gerald O’Collins’ recent book on Living Vatican II. 

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Feature Article
Vatican II reflection

By Mr Robert Fitzgerald

This is an excerpt of a speech given by Mr Robert Fitzgerald on the occasion of the anniversary of the Parish Priest of Mudgee, Fr Garry McKeown, September 2012.
(Edited and used with permission.)

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An ‘outsider’ who shaped the Council

By Teresa Pirola

In scripture, the ‘outsider’ has an important role to play for the ‘insiders.’ The story of salvation hinges on a people, Israel, elected to bear witness to God’s loving design for the world; yet it is repeatedly punctuated by the contribution of individuals who don’t belong to that chosen group.

Being Just Neighbours

By Rita Mary Hayes SGS

It would be a mistake to help the Timorese and expect gratitude. They deserve our assistance because of what we have done to them and not done for them.

From the Director - It is God's plan

By Fr Garry Walker

We are part of God’s mission for the world; the Church itself is in the service of God’s plan.

God has a liberating plan for the Cosmos

By Fr Noel Connolly

As the Church across the world commits itself to New Evangelisation and searches for new and convincing ways to proclaim the Gospel, it is important to remember the ultimate context for our mission, namely God’s liberating plan for the cosmos. It can make the ‘world of difference’ to our understanding , practice and spirituality for mission.

Hopes and excitement and Vatican II

By Dr Sandra Carroll and John Collins

In many ways it is a reflecltion on a series of snapshots rather than a systematic recollection.

Signs of the Times- An Australian View

By Dr Gerard Goldman

I was asked recently to respond to a lecture by Padre Joe Rozansky OFM on the topic Peace with People, Peace with Our Planet. My task was to reflect on the signs of the times from an Australian perspective. The following points summarise what I said.

The Daily Practice of Peace

By Jim Quillinan

Through the daily practice of peace we can do our part to inspire and give hope to others. None of us can do everything, but all of us have to do something for justice and peace.

The Laity fifty Years on

By Dr Gideon Goosen

This year we are celebrating fifty years since the beginning of the Second Vatican Council. This is an opportune moment to stop and ask many questions about the Council. One would be: how have the promises of Vatican II regarding the laity been realized in the life of the church, especially the Church in Australia?

Vatican II – the impossible dream?

By Fr John Frauenfelder

Fifty years have passed since the last of the 16 documents of Vatican II were signed and became part of the church’s way of life - documents that were the result of a truly Spirit-filled, ground-breaking event, ideas that were once radical and intended to shape the church in a profound way.

Vatican II as an on-going Event

By Paul Collins

I would argue that, as Congar says, if we are to continue the incomplete task of Vatican II we must face up to the difficult issues and not get caught up in debates about the false dichotomy between so-called ‘hermeneutics of continuity and rupture’. While we celebrate the Council’s achievements, we also need to be realistic that even the greatest achievements can be watered-down and even lost. Vatican II remains an on-going event.

Vatican News

Pope creates two new Doctors of the Church

What’s On

What's On

NEW BOOKS: VATICAN II – 50th Anniversary

Submitted by Heather Lang

Neil Ormerod, ed, Vatican II: Reception and Implementation in the Australian Church.
Peter A Huff. The Voice of Vatican II: Words for Our Church Today.
William Madges, Michael Daley. Vatican II: Fifty Stories.
James Heft. After Vatican II: Trajectories and Hermeneutics.

Poetry & Prose

Meditating on Rembrant’s painting, I’m reminded of one of Jung’s most eloquent passages, one about forgiveness…

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Message of the Vatican Council to Artists

(Read by Leo Cardinal Suenens of Malines-Brussels [Belgium], assisted by Lawrence Cardinal Shehan of Baltimore and Jaime Cardinal de Barros Camara of Rio de Janeiro)

We now address you, artists, who are taken up with beauty and work for it: poets and literary [women and] men. Painters, sculptors, architects, musicians, [people] devoted to the theatre and the cinema.


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