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www.bbi.catholic.edu.au No. 15 | 01 April 2013

The Broken Bay Institute strives to respond to the faith education and ministry formation needs of individuals, parishes, schools and ministry groups within the local Church.


The last day of February 2013 will go down in 21st century history as a momentous one because it was on this day that saw the resignation of a Bishop of Rome.

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Feature Article
Making Lent relevant to Gens Y and Z

For Generation Y and X fasting and sacrifice, penance and abstinence, may not appeal, given they live in a world where the click of a button can guarantee instant satisfaction

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Mission and Ministry

The 'Word of God' is powerful and life changing. In Advent we heard the 'Word of God' come to John in the wilderness’ (Lk 3:2) and he began a ministry of preaching to people around the Jordan. His life

Easter in Australia

Easter in Australia is a time of beautiful autumn weather, holidays, lots of chocolates, and for some, a time for families to gather and be together. In almost every country it is a sacred and holy time of celebration

Excerpt from ???Journey Into Light: Lent 2012???

Today, at an empty tomb full of light, begins the gathering of the community, of a small and fragile assembly of believers left to their own devices, of disciples whose faith has been shaken by the dashing of a dream.

Easter in Africa

Fifty years ago I was doing medical anthropological research in Central Africa. I had my base camp in an African resettlement village perched on the side of Mount Darwin (or Fura – sacred to the Africans) that had a panoramic view over a vast segment of the Zambezi Valley.

Life before death

A few years ago I read Bishop Tom Wright’s surprised by Hope. It is a powerful book about what it means to believe in Jesus’ resurrection.

Personal Resurrection Story

In early June 1999 my 26 year old sister’s death notice appeared in the Adelaide Advertiser. She had died as a result of some complications with her treatment for cancer.

News from the Bishop of Rome

 ‘…For this reason, and well aware of the seriousness of this act, with full freedom I declare that I renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome ...

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  • Virtue & Value in Business: the ethical habits of successful organisations, 18 March
  •  The Great Grace Conference: Receiving Vatican 11 Today, 20-23 May
  •  International Speaker Series 2013


Prose and Poetry

 …In this context, the saying, ‘let us make man in our own image’ (Gen.1.26) can only mean that human beings, too, must act creatively in their environment. As human beings they must control the many kinds of chaos, make life possible, and moreover show great concern for all life present on earth. They must act creatively for ‘the work of God’s hands.’

Featured Websites
  •  In developing countries, women and girls walk for hours every day to collect food, water and firewood.
  • Scientists tell us that we are part of the problem of climate change. Here and around the world, it is the poor who will be hit hardest with more droughts, floods, hunger and joblessness.
  • What is a green burial?Simple and natural.


Easter Hope- Francis walked the world like the Pardon of God

Easter is about renewal, new life, new hope. Events in Rome have lifted the hearts of people all over the world towards the hope of something new.


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