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Broken Bay Institue  Mission & Spirituality E-News
www.bbi.catholic.edu.au No. 21 | 02 June 2014

The Broken Bay Institute strives to respond to the faith education and ministry formation needs of individuals, parishes, schools and ministry groups within the local Church.


By Carmel Duffy

Welcome to our second edition of Mission and Spirituality News for 2014. Our focus this edition is on Pope Francis and Mission.

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Feature Article
Pope Francis – Building A Discerning Community With A Sense Of Mission

By Noel Connolly

The Pope’s appeal is amazing. He has been declared Time magazine’s Person of the Year and has appeared on the front cover of Rolling Stone. Then Esquire magazine judged him the best dressed man of the year, and this for a man who wears the same soutane every day of the year. Clearly something more than the cut of his clothes is shining through.

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Evangelii Gaudium And Some Priests Are More Papal Than The Pope!

By Catherine Thom

Francis has a dream: a missionary option that will transform everything so that the Church’s way of doing things... ‘can be suitably channelled for the evangelization of today’s world rather than for her [own] self-preservation.’

Mission Exhortation Joy of the Gospel and Care for the Earth

By Charles Rue

Sees Evangelii Gaudium as opening important vistas which provide a framework for a dialogue between faith and ecology. He describes three entry points for this dialogue: a church under reform; a preference for the poor; reformulating evangelisation. In each of these we are called to encounter the person of Jesus whose love we have received and is the reason for mission.

Celebrating the Paschal Triduum: ‘rehearsal’ for paschal living

By Margaret Smith sgs

Dare we let this year’s Paschal Triduum take us out of our comfort zone and send us on a risky journey to the peripheries, as Pope Francis would have it?

What's On
  •  Interfaith Dialogue in Our Day
  • Pope Francis: Modelling the Ministry of St Peter eConference
  • Life, Ethics and Faith in Australian Society - Facts and Figures
  • Time, Hospitality and Belonging: Towards A Practical Theology Of Disability
  • Aboriginal Spiritual Pilgrimage
  • Religion & Young People in Australia
  • Bonhoeffer Conference
  • Putting People First: The Call for an Economy of Social Inclusion
  • Canonical Issues & Leadership
  • Wonderful World Weekends
  • Embracing The Energies Of Love In An Evolutionary Universe
  • Rosemary Goldie Lecture with Professor Mary McAleese
  • Just In Time


Book Reviews

Here is a selection of books written over the last year which look closely at how Pope Francis fulfils his mission of being in the heart of the people. Other titles include a more general view of the Catholic Church and its mission.

Prose and Poetry
  • A process for Praying with Poetry
  • A Step Along the Way
  • Effortlessly – Mechtild of Megdeburg
  • From Split the Sack by Rumi
  • Ode to Joy – Friedrich von Schiller
  • Prayer to Mary – Pope Francis
  • Quotes to Reflect on
  • On a lighter note


Featured Websites
  • Tribute to Pope Francis and his teaching
  • Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes in NSW
  • The Vatican’s official biography of Pope Francis
  • Daily Meditations from Pope Francis
  • Quotations from Pope Francis
  • Tara Winkler’s story
Following Jesus – With Pope Francis

By Lisa Bright

Lisa reflects on the leadership of Pope Francis and the impact of his words and actions on her and the challenge he offers to all of us to lead a Christian life.  

Gospel Joy and the Moment of ‘Encounter’

By Teresa Pirola

Do we really believe that an encounter with Jesus fills our lives with joy?

Turn, and Turn Again: Learning to See the Resurrected Jesus

By Sarah Coakley

In the light of this Easter morning that is now dawning, I want to ask: Do you expect, do you long, with Mary Magdalene, to "see the Lord" in this life? And if so, what can this mean?


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