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Broken Bay Institue  Mission & Spirituality E-News
www.bbi.catholic.edu.au No. 26 | 01 September 2015

The Broken Bay Institute strives to respond to the faith education and ministry formation needs of individuals, parishes, schools and ministry groups within the local Church.


Catherine Thom uses the theological meaning of mercy, and other sources, to reflect on the virtue which Pope Francis claims is central to his ministry: mercy which  is the quality of care for another, willingness to make an effort, even at great sacrifice, ease another’s pain.

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Feature Article
Old Testament outpouring of mercy

Rachelle Gilmour maintains that, for every act of judgement and outpouring of wrath in the Old Testament, there is similarly an outpouring of mercy and grace

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Living Mercy – A Reflection On 50 Years Of Service

Desma Clarke tells us that 2015 is the year of her Golden Jubilee as a Sister of Mercy. She believes  what a wonderful time it is to reflect on how she has lived God’s mercy and how it has become, more and more, the focus of her every day.


Living Mercy in the Drought-stricken Areas of Queensland

Rita Connor reminds readers that over the past twelve months people in the outback of Queensland have witnessed so many acts of charity and support. First came the gifts of comfort: fruit cakes delivered to all families on the mail-run out of Longreach; gift bags of beauty essentials distributed to many women living on the land; truckloads of fodder for the remaining animals. These are just some of the generous support received by drought stricken farmers and their families.

Word of Mercy

Images of God’s mercy are captured beautifully in a song, Everyday God, claims Erica Marshall; a song which perfectly expresses the action of the Trinity within the world of today.


Compassion takes us beyond ourselves and needs to be understood as, according to Anne Elvey, not so much an act of an individual but as grounded in a community of humans and other-than-humans that make compassionate action possible.

An Image of Mercy: Luke 13:11-13

Scripture and our Christian tradition offer us many rich words to describe the mystery of God. Like each facet of a beautiful diamond, words such as loving kindness and mercy offer us brilliant glimpses into the nature and mystery of God, so says Carmel Duffy.

Mercy Takes Precedence Over Judgement

Jesus’ behaviour towards sinners did not mean that commandments were unimportant to him but he understood that spiritual progress takes time and public sinners need acceptance, love and confidence; this is the strong belief of Noel  Connolly

Mercy in Everyday Life

If we read and reflect on the Gospels we will notice that Mercy ( this heart-felt response) flows through them like a deep never- ending river of love and deep compassion. Jesus did not set out to be merciful - he was the font of Mercy to all who came into his life, according to Stancie Cawte.

Vatican News
  • Pope Francis announces World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation
  • Pope: divorced and remarried people not  excommunicated
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  • Women’s Night for Spirituality in poetry and song 
Poetry & Prayer

A beautiful short poem to reflect upon "The Suscipe of Catherine McAuley"

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Facebook and the Face of Mercy - Misericordia Vultus

Reflecting on Facebook, Paul McCabe claims that all those who are posting and those who are receiving need to heed Pope Francis’ call for mercy and compassion. How many times should I forgive someone who hurts me online? Or should I forgive them at all? What does the Face of Mercy mean in Facebookland?


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