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“The eConferences presented by The Broken Bay Institute have been one of the more creative initiatives in the area of faith formation in Australia.  Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane eConference testimonial
They have also made their mark beyond our shores.
That speaks of the need for what they offer – a deeper knowledge and love of Scripture and Tradition and the Lord who lies at the heart of both. It also speaks of the need to make effective use of digital technology in offering the Good News to the Church and the world.
These DVDs allow people who were not part of the original eConferences to share the experience; they also allow those who took part to refresh the experience.
I recommend them to everyone at a time like this, when we need to reach down in order to reach out, to learn more in order to speak more powerfully.” 
– Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane

Bishop Michael Putney"One of the great contributions to the faith formation for the Church in Australia have been the eConferences delivered by The Broken Bay Institute...I highly recommend these DVDs as a resource to help enrich the faith life of our Catholic community."
– The Late Bishop Michael Putney

“Thank you BBI for again a great E-Conference. You illustrated Pope Francis' central drive of living God's mercy throughout life. What a breath of fresh air.”
– Michelle Kamper, Pope Francis eConference Participant, Source: Facebook

“We had 20 participants at Dominican Sisters, Rosary Lodge site. We had a wonderful day together. As facilitator, it was hard to stop them talking! There were so many “aha!” moments and connections being made with life as it was, and life as it should be. A huge topic presented in an effective way. Thanks to each presenter! And to the organizers – a thousand thanks!”
– eConference Participant, Source: Unsolicited Comment

“Inspiring and affirmative”
– Pope Francis eConference Participant, Source: Survey Feedback

St Francis Parish Melbourne eConferenceSt Francis Parish, Melbourne

St Francis Pastoral Centre eConference Holy SpiritSt Francis Pastoral Centre

Mercy Hospital Dunedin New Zealand eConference ParticipantsMercy Hospital, Dunedin, New Zealand

Sister of St Paul de Chartres QLD eConference ParticipantsSisters of St Paul de Chartres, Queensland

“Thank you so much again, for a wonderful eConference. Thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful presentations and a chance to have discussions with our local participants. Keep up the great work!”
–  eConference Participant, Source: Survey Feedback

“Excellent way to experience learning about church teaching and future hopes/plans”
– eConference Participant, Source: Survey Feedback

Catholic Education Office Darwin Pope Francis eConference
Catholic Education Office, Darwin, at the 10th National eConference 

"Every speaker has said something that has touched my intellect, my heart, my soul, my spirit. Thank you for enlivening and re-invigorating me for Vatican II and all that it does and can mean for me, my parish, the Church and the world."
– Vatican II eConference Participant, Source: Unsolicited Comment

“An outstanding eConference. I felt engaged throughout the entire Conference. How pleased Pope Francis would be if he happened to tune in!”
– Pope Francis eConference Participant, Source: Survey Feedback

St Mary of the Angels Lincoln SA eConference participantsSt Mary of the Angels Lincoln, South Australia

Freemantle Parish eConference participantsFreemantle Parish, Western Australia

Toowoomba Catholic Education Office QLD eConference participantsToowoomba Catholic Education Office, Queensland

Maranatha Centre for Adult Faith Formation Perth eConference participantsMaranatha Centre for Adult Faith Formation, Perth, Western Australia

“Yes a day full of treasures! I can only imagine what would have gone into getting this event up and running. Congratulations to all involved... I participated in the e-event alone at home in a little country town in Victoria and was particularly enriched by the depth of Bishop Michael's resonant stability/'at homeness' in what this year is all about in its simplistic holiness and fullness of relational unknowingness. I come away feeling gifted and blessed. May you all feel blessed in return.”
– Vatican II eConference Participant, Source: Unsolicited Comment

“In-depth, informative, and entertaining speakers, who complemented and reinforced one another while sticking to the point of their contributions"
– Pope Francis eConference Participant, Source: Survey Feedback

De La Salle University Manila Phillippines
De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines, 5th National eConference
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