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Workshop 1: Interpreting and Preaching the Gospel of Matthew

Date Wednesday May 10
Time 5.00pm-8.00pm
Topic This workshop will examine the essential characteristics of the Gospel of Matthew for the purpose of preaching. It will also focus on uncovering the deeper meaning of the sacred text and to communicate the meaning of God's word today. This workshop is well suited to meet the needs of teachers and parish staff.


Workshop 2: The Lukan Spirituality of Jesus

Date Friday 12 May
Time 9:30am-12:30pm
Topic This workshop will focus on Luke's Gospel, widely seen as the most relevant and challenging for our day and age. Challenged by the effects of secularism, globalisation and economic inequality, the abiding spirituality of Jesus offers a way forward for anyone regardless of his or her religious traditions. This workshop is suitable for teachers and parish staff.

Workshop 3: Reading the Bible in the Context of Global Spirituality

Date Saturday 13 May
Time 10am-12:00pm
Topic This workshop will examine the changing face of the global Church and how this is impacting directly upon the way we interpret the Bible, whereby the voices of all people shall be heard, especially those on the margins, including women, people of colour and the poor.



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