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BBI Units

Any unit from the list below can be studied as an elective, subject to availability and course requirements.

Please make sure that you complete all your core units and prerequisites according to your course plan. 

Unit Code Course Name Available Trimester 2
LEAD800 Leadership: Scriptural and Theological Foundations Yes
LEAD801 Leadership: Mission, Identity and Community Yes
LEAD802 Leading for Mission and Identity: Theological Insights from Vatican II  

Leading Ecclesial Communities: Foundations, Challenges and Possibilities

LEAD900 Advanced Studies in Leadership for the 21st Century: Models of Leadership                          
LEAD901 Pluralism and Cultural Leadership Yes
LEAD902 Leading Self, Leading Others  
LEAD903 The Leader as Explorer, Guide and Meaning Maker  
LEAD904 Leadership and Justice


LEAD905 Capstone Project in Leadership and Theology  
LEAD906 Stirring the Soul – Formation of Catholic Educators and Leaders Yes
LEAD910 Great Spiritual Traditions in Catholic Education  
LEAD999 Independent Directed Study (Leadership)  
REDU800 Foundations for Religious Education Theory and Practice Yes
REDU801 Religious Education in the Contemporary Classroom  Yes
REDU802 Religious Education Symposium  
REDU900 Advanced Studies in Religious Education for the 21st Century  
REDU901 Contemporary Pedagogies and Classroom Practices in Religious Education Yes
REDU902 Research and Praxis in Religious Education  
REDU903 Capstone Project in Religious Education Yes
REDU910 Religious Education in the Local Context  
REDU911 Leadership and Religious Education  
REDU912 Curriculum Development in Religious Education  
REDU913 Key Thinkers in Religious Education  
REDU914 Religion and Young People in Australia and Abroad


REDU915 Godly Play, Religious Education and the Future  
REDU916 Theology of Religious Education  

Independent Directed Studies (Religious Education)

THEO800 Foundations for Theological Studies Yes
THEO801 Biblical Studies: Themes and Interpretation of the Bible Yes
THEO802 Theological Studies – Themes, Thinkers and Methods Yes
THEO900 Advanced Studies in Theology for the 21st Century  
THEO901 Research and Praxis in Theological Studies  
THEO902 Capstone Project in Theological Studies  
Biblical Studies Electives  
THEO910 Kings, Priests and Prophets: Leadership in the Hebrew Bible  
THEO911 Story and Theology in the Gospels  
THEO912 The Bible: Fact or Fiction  
THEO913 The Bible and Popular Culture  
THEO919 Independent Directed Study (Biblical Studies)  
Systematic Theology Electives  
THEO920 Christology  
THEO921 Ecclesiology  
THEO922 Trinity  
THEO923 Mariology  
THEO924 Ecological Theology  
THEO925 Ministry in the Church  
THEO926 Vatican II: Theological Themes and Reception  
THEO927 Ecumenism  
THEO928 Theology across Christianity: Orthodox, Protestant, Catholic  
THEO929 Independent Directed Study (Systematic Theology)
Liturgical & Sacramental Theology Electives  
THEO830 Foundations in Liturgy Yes
THEO932 Sacramental Theology  
THEO939 Independent Directed Study (Liturgical and Sacramental Theology)  
Theological Ethics Electives  
THEO940 Foundations in Theological Ethics  
THEO942 Justice and Peace: Catholic Social Teaching  
THEO949 Independent Directed Study (Theological Ethics)  
Practical Theology Electives  
THEO959 Independent Directed Study (Practical Theology)  
Mission and Culture Electives  
THEO960 Foundations for Missiology in a Secular, Plural and Globalised World     Yes
THEO969 Independent Directed Study (Mission and Culture)  
Church History Electives  
THEO970 The Early Church  
THEO971 The Church in the Middle Ages  
THEO974 History of the Catholic Church in Australia  
THEO979 Independent Directed Study (Church History)  
Spirituality Electives  
THEO981 Spirituality, Practices and Values for Professional Leadership  
THEO982 The Spirituality of Mary MacKillop  
THEO983 Celtic Spirituality  
THEO984 Augustine Spirituality for Social Justice Yes
THEO989 Independent Directed Study (Spirituality)  
Contemporary Issues in Theology Electives  
THEO990 Studies of Religion  
THEO991 Studies in Islam  
THEO992 Studies in Judaism  
THEO993 Interfaith Dialogue  
THEO994 Theology and Philosophy  
THEO995 Religion and Popular Culture in the 21st Century  
THEO996 Theology and Science  
THEO999 Independent Directed Study (Contemporary Issues In Theology)  
IMER900 Immersion Experience Critical Reflection Yes
GOVC800 Introduction to Governance for Mission, Ministry and Work in the Church Yes
GOVC801 Introduction to Canon Law and General Norms  
GOVC802 Structures in the Church: Canonical Perspectives Yes
GOVC803 Stewardship of Resources in Church Organisations  
GOVC804 Work, Employment and Governance  
GOVC805 Organisations in the Church: Organisational Perspectives  
GOVC809 Lay Leadership in the Church  
GOVC810 Directed Studies in Canon Law  

Independent Directed Study electives are also available in the areas of Leadership, Religious Education, Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Liturgical and Sacramental Theology, Practical Theology, Mission and Culture and Spirituality. These units provide the opportunity for specialised study in a particular discipline under the tutelage and guidance of a specialist in the field. For course and enrolment advice please contact the Student Administration Team on studentservices@bbi.catholic.edu.au


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