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Leading Ecclesial Communities: Foundations, Challenges and Possibilities

Unit overview and content

This unit explores historical and systematic ecclesiology pointing to the ecclesiology of contemporary ecclesial institutions and organizations. It will do this by analysing aspects of:

  • the theological underpinnings of ecclesiology, with a focus on the mission of the Church
  • the ecclesiology of Vatican II and our recent ecclesial past
  • the history of the ecclesiology of Church structures and institutions 
  • the Church and a variety of ecclesial communities: monastic Church, dioceses/parish, religious orders, theology of the laity, association/movements
  • one Catholic Church, application of basic ecclesiological principles in particular contexts (local parish, schools, universities, hospitals, social work)
  • a contemporary theology of ecclesial ministry
  • leadership and reform in the Church today

Study Hours

10 hours per week for 12 week semester, comprised of
- At least one hour per week for online lectures
- At least three hours per week of reading.
- At least six hours per week of directed study, including optional and assessable online activities.

Teaching Methods

Online lectures; online activities; guided reading; scaffolded assessments; feedback on assessments.

Type of Assessment and Weight

  • Tutorial Discussion Board (20%)
  • An article for a diocesan newspaper/company news bulletin (40%)
  • Induction Session for Staff (40%)
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