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Ecological Theology

Unit overview and content

This unit attempts to engage contemporary concerns about our ecological crisis. It therefore considers scientific and religious reflections on the cosmos and the environment and, secondly, attempts to engage with significant spiritual responses to nature. In order to critically evaluate these responses, the course offers some guidelines into the connections between matter and spirit, nature and grace, the hallmarks of Christian spirituality and the application of Catholic social teaching.

Study hours

10 hours per week for 12 week semester, comprised of:

  • At least one hour per week for online lectures.
  • At least three hours per week of reading.
  • At least six hours per week of directed study, including optional and assessable online activities.

Teaching methods

Online lectures; online activities; guided reading; scaffolded assessments; feedback on assessments. 

Type of Assessment and Weight

  • Discussion Forum (20%)
  • Essay (40%)
  • Essay (40%)
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