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Why study canon law at Saint Paul University?

  • For its excellent reputation, its experience, its history and its Catholic tradition;
  • for its small classes and its low student/professor ratio; and
  • for its diverse student population, which brings an international perspective.

The international teaching personnel of the Faculty of Canon Law is actively involved in serving the Church beyond the walls of the University by their publications and expert advice to the Holy See, to bishops and religious superiors, as well as to clergy and laity alike.

Twice a year, the Faculty publishes the journal Studia Canonica. This publication is the only canon law journal in Canada and it enjoys a solid international reputation.

SPU is empowered by the Holy See to offer three ecclesiastical degrees:

  • the Baccalaureate in Canon Law (JCB);
  • the Licentiate in Canon Law (JCL);
  • and the Doctorate in Canon Law (JCD). 

In conjunction with the University of Ottawa, SPU also offers simultaneously two civil degrees: the Master in Canon Law (MCL) and the Doctor of Philosophy in Canon Law (PhD).

Finally, students may also opt for three civil graduate diplomas:

  • Graduate Diploma in Canon Law;
  • Graduate Diploma in Canonical Practice; and
  • Graduate Diploma in Ecclesiastical Administration.


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