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Further your education and advance your career at BBI. Experience a practical, fresh approach to Religious Education, Leadership, Theology, Governance and Canon Law, via first-class online learning with supportive lecturers, dedicated to your success.

Religious Education

The Graduate Certificate in Religious Education is a pathway of choice for those seeking accreditation to teach in a Catholic primary school and for those who wish to teach Religious Education in a secondary school. It fulfils Religious Education accreditation requirements for most Dioceses in Australia. This course is designed to introduce non-theology graduates to the area of religion and theology. This course is perfect for graduates with a Bachelor of Teaching/ Education or teachers returning to work after a leave of absence.

The Graduate Diploma in Religious Education aims to develop graduates who have the capacity to apply knowledge of religious education, including in theory and practice, to educational contexts, with a particular focus on classroom teaching and school leadership.

The Master of Religious Education and the Master of Leadership & Theology fulfil the criteria for accreditation into Senior Leadership in the Catholic education system, which includes: Principals, Assistant Principals, RE and Mission Leaders, Directors of Schools, Assistant Directors of Schools, Consultants and Leaders of CSO Educational Teams.

These degrees may provide a competitive advantage for advancement within the Catholic or Christian School systems.


Leadership & Theology 

A postgraduate qualification in Leadership & Theology at BBI will provide most of the key building blocks you will require to take on a leadership position, including the shaping of organisations and teams; with the comprehensive leadership skills that today’s diverse environments demand.

BBI's suite of Leadership and Theology degrees are designed to give students the knowledge and skills to be able to navigate a complex environment in a manner informed by best practice in leadership theory, cutting edge theological studies and Catholicity.

Far from an approach to study which considers theory alone, each of the Leadership & Theology courses includes the opportunity for critical reflection on practice, related to the student's own leadership contexts


Theological Studies

Theological and Biblical Studies are disciplines which deeply connect with everyday life. BBI's Theological Studies courses develop the kind of critical thinking required by professionals working in Church health, welfare and educational sectors, or parishes and dioceses. Completion of courses in Theological Studies may also meet accreditation requirements for professionals such as Campus Ministers, Chaplains, Youth and Prison Ministers and Parish Pastoral Associates. To learn more about studying Theology, click here.


Governance & Canon Law

Governance has become the number one issue in the Church today. Canon law governs both the structure and regulation of the Catholic Church. Governing bodies and business leaders of Church-based organisations globally are aware of the complex interface between the demands of secular or corporate law, governance and canon law.   

BBI's Governance & Canon law courses are designed to provide the skills and knowledge for those in positions which demand good governance and a capacity to work within canonical frameworks to do so effectively. BBI's governance and canon law offerings provide students with an opportunity to study with leaders and practitioners in these fields.


With this range of exciting new degrees, you can further your education and progress your career in 2017. To discuss RPL or your study options, please email or phone BBI Student Services:

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The 2017 Semester 1 dates are listed below:

  • Term begins: Monday 27 February
  • Term ends: Sunday 4 June
  • Census date: Monday 20 March
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