Graduate Diploma in Religious Education

Graduates may find employment or promotion in the Catholic education sector, and will fulfil required accreditation standards to teach religious education and hold a senior leadership role through the completion of this course, including as a Principal, Assistant Principal or Religious Education Coordinator in a Catholic school.

The course features practical content firmly geared towards meeting the needs of staff working in contemporary Catholic schools in Australia. Core and elective units in this course are firmly linked to professional practice.

Students who have completed the BBI Graduate Certificate in Religious Education will build on their learning and receive 50 % credit into the Graduate Diploma, therefore requiring completion of only four units to attain this qualification.

Course Length 1 year full-time, or part-time equivalent, amounting to 80 credit points.
Course Structure Course Structure – Graduate Diploma in Religious Education
Admission Requirements
  • A four year, undergraduate degree in education.
  • English-language proficiency.
Entry Pathways
  • Students who have completed an undergraduate degree in education from an approved tertiary will be eligible for entry into the Graduate Diploma in Religious Education.
  • Students who have completed prior studies in the areas of religious education or theology may be eligible for credit.
  • If these studies were at the same AQF level as this course, credit will be considered according to the Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning policy.
Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Up to 40 units of credit are available in this course in accordance with the Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy.
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