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Teaching Excellence Award for Teaching Online Courses

12 July 2016 | General Interest

A Teaching Excellence Award has been conferred by the University of Tasmania (UTas) to Rev Dr Anthony Gooley, Lecturer in Theology & Religious Education at The Broken Bay Institute (BBI), for the design and delivery of religious curriculum.

Dr Janet Dyment, Master of Teaching Program Director, UTas, said the consistent positive feedback from his students demonstrated exceptional comprehension at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. Rev Dr Gooley delivered all units online. He was recognised for excellence in pedagogy and extending student knowledge beyond conventional understanding.

Rev Dr Gooley accepting Teaching Excellence Award

“Feedback from the students indicated Anthony designed a very powerful syllabus that helped students understand the role of religious studies in education systems. He designed carefully constructed assessment tasks and provided clear and helpful feedback to his students,” Dr Dyment said.

“I feel very honoured to be recognised for my commitment to religious education. Studying online may occasionally be a challenge but ultimately, students love the flexibility and I love teaching from my home in Brisbane. I also feel affirmed about teaching online Religious Education that fits within the Catholic Schools framework,” said Rev Dr Gooley.

The Graduate Certificate in Theology - Religious Education offered by BBI, must be completed to qualify for accreditation to teach in Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Brisbane and throughout most dioceses in Australia.

Anthony Gooley is a lecturer in Theology & Religious Education

“The Catholic education system is the largest non-government employer in Australia and, BBI in partnership with various universities, helps deliver accredited units on religious education and theology at undergraduate and postgraduate level," said Rev Dr Gooley.


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