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Flechtheim Scholarship winner describes the profound impact of the grant on her life

23 February 2017 | General Interest

German Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke out against the Nazis during the Second World War and was martyred. The scholarship is named in honour of Julius Flechtheim, a Jewish law professor who lectured in Germany and who like Bonhoeffer, was also killed by the Nazis.

The Flechtheim Scholarship was set up to support ongoing research into the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It is administered by BBI and was established through a donation by Flechtheim’s Australian grandson, Rev Stephen Moore, an Anglican priest in Newcastle. 

Applicants for this scholarship are required to prepare a short paper, showing their understanding of an aspect of Bonhoeffer’s theology and are then asked to demonstrate their capacity to apply it to a contemporary context.

Rev Stephen Moore established the scholarship to continue the application of Bonhoeffer's theology to contemporary issues in memory of both Bonhoeffer and Flechtheim. Rev. Moore believes that continuing the study of Bonhoeffer and applying his theology to contemporary issues was his grandfather’s greatest legacy and another humane response to the Holocaust. As we continue to study his work at BBI, we keep alive the witness of Bonhoeffer’s costly discipleship.

“Being a Flechtheim scholar is a real honour. In my case, it prompted me to continue studying Di RaysonBonhoeffer for my PhD and helped my entry into the international Bonhoeffer community of scholars and researchers” explained 2013 Flechtheim scholarship winner and doctoral candidate at the University of Newcastle, Ms Dianne Rayson.

“I used the funds to attend a Theology Summer School at Oxford so it made a huge impact on me personally and professionally. Writing a research essay and presenting a paper at the Bonhoeffer Conference was a wonderful introduction to Bonhoeffer and those who continue to study and apply his work.”

Dianne added, “I’d encourage everyone to think about the Flechtheim scholarship as an opportunity to get to know Bonhoeffer or delve more deeply into his work and its implications”. 

You can find more information here about the Flechtheim Scholarship including its conditions and selection criteria.


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