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Going Digital in the Religious Education Classroom

22 March 2017 | General Interest

Two outstanding RE specialists are forging new pathways to make RE classes more engaging across 24 dioceses throughout Australia. They will be presenting a special workshop on digital technology in the classroom at BBI’s forthcoming National Symposium on Religious Education.

These two experts, Mr Joe Doolan and Mr Pat Sully from the RE Texts Office in the Archdiocese of Melbourne  have lead the highly successful To Know, Worship & Love (KWL) digital series which helps Religious Education (RE) teachers meet the challenges of the digital age in Catholic schools.

Participants at the Symposium will gain some fresh insights from this exciting digital project at the National Symposium on Religious Education which is being hosted by BBI from 27-28 July 2017 in Sydney.

The symposium will bring together internationally and nationally recognised experts to explore the relationship between secularisation and religious education in Catholic schools.

Joe-Doolan_150x160“Given our students are very much growing up in a digital culture, as religious education teachers, we need to ensure that we make full use of what digital media has to offer in the classroom to make our curriculum as engaging as we can”, Mr Doolan explained.

“The digital resources we are producing can work across multiple devices and our apps offer a high level of interactivity, allowing students to personally engage with the lesson content and moving well away from the slabs of written content which were common in the past”, he added.

The To Know Workship and Love (KWL Digital) series began in 2014 and is currently targeted at secondary students from Years 7-12, offering interactive resources across biblical studies and the sacraments.

Plans are underway to expand the series to cover the primary school religious education curriculum as well.

The program draws heavily upon the IT expertise of Pat Sully alongside his colleague Joe Doolan’s decades of experience as a religious education teacher and theologian.

Pat-Sully_150x160“We are hoping to launch a full suite of digital resources for primary schools in time for the start of Term 1 next year”, explained Mr Sully.

“And we have been consulting extensively with Professor Richard Rymarz from BBI to ensure the resources are all theologically sound and meet the needs of students across Australia and beyond”.



You can find more information on the National Religious Education Symposium here.


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