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UoN-BBI Graduation April 2017

28 April 2017 | General Interest

Mike-Foley_Theology and Ethics

Sixty-two students proudly attended and graduated from their respective Master of Theology Degrees and Graduate Certificates last week. BBI’s lecturer in Theology and Ethics Mr Mike Foley was there to show his support and pass on some wisdom to BBI’s graduates, each of whom have successfully completed their online study. Below is a short reflection from Mr Foley congratulating BBI students on their achievements:

On behalf of the executive and staff of the Broken Bay Institute now BBI - The Australian Institute of Theological Studies, I wish to congratulate each one of you on the great success in graduating today with your university degree.

I also join with you in thanking those family, friends, fellow students, work colleagues, and church agencies who may have assisted you to reach this day.  Without the support of such loved ones and professional friends we all know that the long hard journey of graduate and post graduate studies would be just that little more difficult.  So again, special thanks to all your personal ‘support staff’ here with us today, especially the little ones so in need of your added attention now… and well into their own academic futures.

Talking of the future, I hope that one day when you are sitting down and writing your own, or you are assisting someone else to write your memoirs, you remember that this day and all the past days of study through BBI, you have been involved in something historic in the life of theological studies within Australia.

Your decision, those few brief years ago, to enrol and study with the Broken Bay Institute and the University of Newcastle was a remarkable vote of confidence by you in a small group of people. People such as Emeritus Professor Terry Lovat who is with us today. Terry and a number of other remarkable scholars wanted to take theology into the market place of ideas within a secular university.   They wanted theology to stand on its own merits of academic excellence, inclusion, and something best explained as our human and divine potential. This within the cut and thrust of mainstream secular society. 

By the very fact that you are standing here today alongside the memory and energy of the hundreds of your fellow theology graduates who have also passed through these hallowed halls and under those mighty gum trees with theology degrees in hand, you are a living testament, an ongoing revelation, that theology can be studied in-depth and does have a place in our ever complex, ever demanding broader society.

For myself as a tutor and lecturer it has been a privilege to have studied alongside a good number of you.  Special thanks for your friendship and shared scholarship.  Again, congratulations on such an historic achievement. On behalf of all the staff from BBI - The Australian Institute of Theological Studies, every success in your future careers and personal life journey.

Mike Foley
Theology and Ethics lecturer

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