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Am I Citing Correctly?

Citation styles vary amongst learning institutions and certain fields of study require a particular citation style. This can be confusing, particularly if it has been a while since you have delved into academic writing or it is your first time writing an academic essay. However, once you know exactly which style to use, it often becomes second nature. Theology courses tend to use the Turabian/Chicago and APA styles, but it is always best to check with your institution on the exact citation style your course requires.

Some of the most common citation styles in Australia include:

The American Psychological Association Style (APA)

The APA referencing system is widely used across Australian universities and educational institutions. It is an author-date system. APA style has two parts: in-text citations and a reference list. The citations in text are used within your writing to show you have used the ideas or words of another writer. The reference list is on a separate page at the end of your work to show all the works you have cited in your paper.

Turabian/Chicago Style

The Turabian/Chicago Style Citation system is markedly different from other citation styles. It is a notes-bibliography system which is different to the author-date styles. The Turabian/Chicago Style is most commonly used in Theology schools and some humanities subjects such as history and philosophy. The Turabian/Chicago style includes a note number which is a superscript number inserted within the text. This number then corresponds to a footnote at the bottom of the page. There is then a bibliography at the end of the paper.

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