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Benefits of Studying Over Summer

Learn-outdoors_400x288The thought of studying over summer might make some people cringe, but there are plenty of benefits to studying over summer you probably haven’t even thought about! Consider these points that explain why studying over summer may actually be the perfect solution for you before you dismiss summer study for good.

More Time to Study in Daylight

If you’re already working full time, you’ll come home feeling like you still have time to get your study done without surrendering your relaxation time in the evening.

Take the Time to Read, Anywhere

One of the best things about summer study is you can take your readings anywhere. Whether you’re soaking in some sun at a park or on holiday, summer study allows you to get your daily Vitamin D while studying at the same time.

You Can Study as Your Workplace Winds Down

Juggling study during busy working weeks throughout the year can make it tricky to study sometimes. Many people will have a break from work over summer, and those who are teachers will have an extended break from their work commitments. This gives you the perfect opportunity to take on the additional study you’ve always wanted to do without the extra pressure from full-time employment.

You Could Finish Your Study Faster

If you want to complete your qualification faster so you can focus on your career advancement, taking on an additional subject over the summer will help you reach your goal quicker.

You Can Get a Head Start in Your Job Search

A new year can mean a new job, so why not make yourself more appealing to employers by commencing your online study over the summer? Studying theology can give you the competitive edge you need to gain employment in schools, churches, hospitals, aged care facilities and other sectors where employers may be associated with the Church.

Pick the Right Institute for You

Consider studying with BBI – The Australian Institute of Theological Education if you’re looking to study online this summer. BBI offers Theology awards and courses that will extend your teaching career opportunities and develop your interests in Leadership and Theology. Not only that, you’ll be able to study on the beach, at the park or wherever you can find internet access.

Enquire online today and be sure to use these note taking tips for your first lecture. 



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