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Creating a Dedicated Study Space

If you want to get the most out of studying online then you need to create a dedicated study space. Your study space can be a conventional study room in your house, a nook in your bedroom or maybe it’s somewhere where you go while on the move. Regardless of what it looks like, having a study space will help you stay focussed and give you a space where others know it is a time not to interrupt you.

Here’s what you need to do to create the perfect study space:

Identify Where Your Study Space Should Be

The location of your study space is important. If your study space will be in your own home, consider surrounding noise levels and whether the area will be solely used for studying. The last thing you need is for your study area to become inundated with other papers or house items. Once you have found the right room or nook in your house, you can begin to create your space. If your space is in a public area like the library, then consider having a special resource pack that you keep at home, which you can simply pick up and take along to the library. The pack should contain all your essentials and maybe some study comforts like headphones or a re-usable coffee cup.

Create Your Space

When you are creating your study space it’s important to make it suited to your personality and lifestyle. Make it inviting and decorative, while ensuring it is functional and not too overcrowded. Your space should be one you are ready to be in to learn and challenge yourself. If your space is in a public area you can still recreate that feeling. Simply take your resource pack along and choose a favourite position in the library or café. It could be by a window or near a fireplace. Use whatever you can in the area that will make you feel both at home and motivated to study.

Familiarity and consistency can also help you to study, so returning to the same space might work wonders for your study habits.

 Organise Your Resources

Organise your resources so that everything is easily accessible. Keep it simple with pens, highlighters and post-it notes as your main pieces of stationery. Always have your charger for your laptop nearby so it’s ready for use if needed.

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