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Studying from Home: Tips for Staying Focused

Studying from home is a fantastic and flexible way to achieve your goals while working around other commitments such as work or family. It does take a degree of focus, diligence and self-motivation though. It’s very possible and satisfying as long as you stay focussed and on-task.

Staying focused when studying from home can be done in a variety of ways:

Eliminate Distractions While Studying

Studying online does allow for distractions to easily pop up. Social media and mobile phones mean you accessible at all times and open to interruption.  Close your Facebook tab and keep your phone in another room while studying. You’ll find your study time far more productive that way, giving you the time to relax and socialise without that assignment you haven’t finished hanging over you.

Reward Yourself

Block out time to study with a reward in mind at the end of the study duration. Perhaps you’ve told yourself if you can finish that online task you will allow yourself some time to read a book or watch some TV. Don’t indulge in your reward until you complete the task you set out to do.

Have the Understanding of Friends and Family

Friends and family who understand and accept the fact that you have to study are more likely to support and encourage you. Let them know that study is a priority for you and that you need their support and understanding in order to succeed. If you have children, discuss the possibility of childcare or times where you can study without them in your care.

Take Regular Breaks

Be sure to take regular breaks while studying. You’ll find it easier to stay motivated if you take regular breaks to do another activity like go for a walk or spend time with family.

Ask Your Professor for Help

If you find yourself at a road block, don’t hesitate to ask for some advice. You might find that a simple conversation will open you up to new ideas and pave the way for you completing a particular assignment or task.

Look After Your Health

You need to look after your health while studying online. Sitting for extended periods of time and dipping into snack foods while working can be tempting. Remember to drink plenty of water while working and aim to exercise each day. It will keep your concentration levels high when studying. You could also try to do some seated exercises at your desk.

Finding out how to stay focussed while studying online will be a personal discovery. All of the above tips will work for you and you might also come up with your own that suits your personality and lifestyle. Whatever the case, you are sure to stay on top of your study and be rewarded for your efforts!

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