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The Best Online Tools for High Quality Studying

Old-fashioned study methods still have their place but they are quickly being replaced with powerful online study tools. With online learning becoming more and more popular, it just makes sense to have study tools that are also online.  There are so many online tools out there for high quality studying, but you probably don’t have time to try them all.

We’ve hand-picked the best online tools to save you time and make sure you can get the most out of your study as possible.


Evernote is fantastic, particularly if you are studying while on the move. Evernote allows you to save photos (screenshots etc.) text and audio and makes everything easily searchable so you can find your notes easily later. It will also sync these notes between your phone, tablet and the web so you can easily access them wherever you are.


StudyRails is a great application to keep you motivated and focussed on set study times. It will alert you of a set time you have planned to study and will even block distracting websites for you during that study time. It’s a great way to ensure that you stay on-task and off Facebook and other social media.


Delicious is great for bookmarking when you are working on that project and building up research to refer back to. It allows you to bookmark websites, images etc. all under the one tag. It’s simple and very effective.


There’s nothing worse than receiving a marked assignment, only to find you have lost points due to incorrect citations. CiteThisForMe is an excellent place to make sure your citations are correct. Do them yourself and use it to double check your references have been written correctly or type in the title of the text along with the citation style and have CiteThisForMe do the work for you.


Diigo is a really nifty way to basically use a sticky note or highlighter while you're reading on the web. With so much research done on the web these days, it can be difficult to print it all in order to highlight and tab your notes. With Diigo, you can do it directly and you can also share what you've highlighted with colleagues.

All of these study tools have one thing in common – they are convenient, and so is studying online. BBI offers online religious education and theology courses that will extend your teaching career options or develop your interests in theology. From Religious Education accreditation to a Master in Theological Studies, we can cater to exactly what you need to study. Contact BBI today.

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