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What Should I Look For in a New Computer?

If you are about to start studying theology online, you might be thinking about whether it is time to upgrade your computer. Perhaps you’ve mostly been using your tablet or phone for general use, and now you’re thinking it’s time for something reliable to use for both online research and word processing. Laptops are an affordable and reliable option for students studying from home. Depending on your budget, here are a few things you should consider when purchasing a new computer:

How Heavy/Portable is the Computer?

Think about how much you’ll be studying on the move and factor that in when deciding on how lightweight you need your computer to be. If you’re often travelling on the train to and from work you may be looking for something quite lightweight to study while on public transport. If you think you’ll mostly be studying at home or in another specific area like the public library, then you can most likely afford a heavier laptop. Lighter computers are more convenient but can also have fewer functions, less RAM or be a little more difficult to use as a word processor. Laptop/Tablet Hybrid computers (2-in-1) are becoming more popular as a result of greater functionality, portability and prices dropping.

How much RAM do You Need?

The RAM in a computer stands for Random Access Memory. You might find the higher the RAM is the more costly a computer is. While the RAM generally does not make your computer faster, it does keep things running faster when you have many applications open at once. If you are moving between large programs like Photoshop and a browser, for instance, you might find your computer slowing down if the RAM isn’t high enough to handle it. When you’re studying, you may want multiple programs running simultaneously and multiple tabs open on the internet at once.

Battery Life

Portability and battery life of your computer go hand in hand. If you plan on being out and about, studying on transport, in cafes, airports or elsewhere, you may not find a PowerPoint easily, or if you do, it may already be used by someone else. A laptop with a low battery life is inconvenient. 

Monitor Resolution

A standard Monitor Resolution of 1366x768 pixels is fine for most study tasks. If you are looking to use your computer to run multiple windows side by side you might consider 1600x900 pixel. Nearly all stand-alone monitors today are configured in a 16:9 ratio.

Hard Drive

If you are in a financial position where you need to choose between size and speed in a hard drive, choose speed. Memory sticks and external hard drives are cheap and readily available, making it easy to store large volumes of work away from your computer. 

Buying a new computer for studying online is an exciting time, but also a purchase you shouldn’t make without research. With careful consideration you can find the perfect computer to suit your study needs and be ready to get stuck into your coursework. BBI offers a range of online Theology programs to suit your career and personal interest needs. Contact us today: 02 9847 0030.


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