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Religious Education at The Broken Bay Institute

Developing the curriculum for tomorrow

The Facts on Catholic Education in Australia

  • The Catholic Church is by far the largest private school provider in Australia
  • In 2012 there were 735,403 students enrolled in Australian Catholic schools
  • By 2025, this number is projected to rise to 950,000

Dr Gerard Goldman, CEO of BBI sat down with Professor Richard Rymarz, the newly appointed Director of Research and Head of Religious Education at the Institute to discuss his vision for the future of Religious Education in Australia.

Message from the New Head of Religious Education

Richard Rymarz, Head of RE and Director of Research at BBIMy vision for Religious Education at The Broken Bay Institute is to improve the quality of RE in Australian Catholic Schools through curriculum development and working with teachers.

As the sector continues to expand, Catholic Schools provide the best interface the Church has with culture today. The teachers who put their hands up to teach RE in Catholic schools are doing the Church an enormous service and they require support and assistance - theology, pedagogy and education.

BBI aims to assist teachers in this very difficult and complex job. We offer a very high standard and quality of Religious Education, which integrates theology, leadership and a little bit of governance with a strong emphasis on educational excellence. When you wrap all that up with a vision of a Catholic educational institution in the third millennium, BBI is a straight forward choice. RE is something that I’ve dedicated my professional life to. The chance to be involved in shaping courses that are so integrated and focused is really the culmination of a career.

Professor Richard Rymarz
BSc (Hons), MSc, Grad Dip Ed, MEd Studies, EdD, MA (Theo), PhD


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