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BBI expands its international partnerships

15 May 2017 | General Interest

BBI – The Australian Institute of Theological Education has announced an exciting new partnership with Church Support Group, which will allow BBI to offer high quality online theological education in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Church Support Group (CSG) is the umbrella company for www.Churchservices.TV, www.Catholicireland.net, Church Telecom and www.staffroom.ie which deliver faith resources for parishes and Catholic schools in Britain and Ireland.

Dr Gerard Goldman, The CEO and Principal of BBI, said the new partnership with CSG will greatly expand the reach of the national eConferences and other faith formation programs.

Gerard Goldman in Ireland

“BBI is very much focused on making the richness of theology available to people at all levels, not just to postgraduates”, Dr Goldman explained in an interview with CatholicIreland.net during a visit to Ireland this month.

“Through this new partnership, we will be able to not only ensure more parishes, schools and universities see the eConference, but  CSG will be able to transform them into DVDs and make them available through its parish TV network as well.”

Dr Goldman is hoping that some of those viewing the material in Britain and Ireland will be encouraged to consider pursuing postgraduate studies with BBI.

“If it sparks an interest in studying with us- that’s even better. This is where we see real synergy between Church Support Group and BBI”, he added.

Dr Goldman believes the model BBI has established for high quality theological education could work equally well in other countries such as Ireland.

“People are incredibly busy holding down jobs and family commitments. I am hoping that this online facility could be of benefit to people in Ireland and that they will be able to use this in a way that works for them- that is my hope”, Dr Goldman added.

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