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Tips for Managing Study Stress

31 May 2017 | Student Advice

As BBI students tackle their end of Trimester assignments, Student Wellbeing and Engagement Officer Carmel Duffy shares some practical tips on how to handle study stress.

We all live with varying degrees of stress and some seem to manage it quite well. The following tips may help you. Perhaps begin by trying one tip that appeals to you. Practise it regularly for a good period of time and then assess its helpfulness for you. Don’t give up. Try another tip. Once we are stressed, negativity floods into our lives and it takes an effort to be positive again.

Identity where your body holds stress. It could be in your neck, your jaw, back, head – anywhere! Once you are familiar with the physical signs of stress, you can employ your professed management techniques.

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  • If possible take a break from the stressor. If it’s an assignment, or exam preparation, a timed break can sometimes help.
  • Like the blood type – B+ve. When you identify signs of stress, act positively to minimise it. Positive self-talk can be part of this.
  • Exercise regularly. Find a type of exercise that suits you. Yoga is good for some; Pilates for others etc. Even a walk in a natural space near you can be relaxing. Nature is a great healer for many of us.
  • Identify a few trusted people who can support you either by listening or other help. Eg if you see your credit card rising daily, there are people who can help with a simple budget or money managing tips.
  • Laugh and smile. Being around happy people can help you at times like this.
  • Consider meditation. There are many types and all are easily accessible. It requires a regular commitment but can have life-changing effects.
  • Learn about stress. Like the old saying: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, the more you understand stress and its impacts and causes, the better you may be able to manage it.

If you try one of the above and it works for you let me know. If you have other ideas which you have found helpful, send them to me, Carmel Duffy, Student Wellbeing and Engagement Officer.

You can find other useful study tips on our website.

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