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Adult Faith Online Courses

Spirituality for Today

Discover the essentials of Christian Spirituality using the great spiritual writings of the past and present and explore ways in which Spirituality can be practically experienced in your life.

The Word of the Lord - Introducing the Scriptures

Discover the significance of the Scriptures to Catholics using the three-fold approach of read, study and pray. Hear from Australian theologian, Fr John Thornhill sm.

Vatican II: A Call to Action

Reflect on Vatican II using its historical context, learn about some of the personalities involved and examine the Council writings. Consider the impact for ourselves and for the Church in the future.

Doing Practical Theology: Vision, Action and Reflection

Engage with current theological literature, issues, tensions, and controversies, fundamentally grounded in a methodology appropriate to practical theology.

The Gospel of Mark

Learn about the Gospel of Mark in its social and cultural context. Discover the way the gospel unfolds as a narrative using key Markan themes, such as discipleship.

Spiritual Formation and Pastoral Care

Examine Christian spirituality, holiness and mystery and learn how to creatively deepen spirituality.  Learn how spirituality leads to pastoral witness and how this care is carried out to meet contemporary needs of people.

Introduction to the OLD Testament

Study the Hebrew Scriptures (First Testament) from a fresh perspective and analyse their authorship and historical contexts. Discover why these texts are important to Christians and to understanding the Bible as a whole.

Intro to Ecotheology

Learn about ecological theology and aspects of Christian theology, creation, incarnation and hope for the future. Approach Christian ecological engagement by reflecting on experience, Scripture, theology and action.

Bread For Hungry Hearts – The Eucharist

This topic gives a general insight into what we do when we gather for Sunday Eucharist and shows how we are sent forth to become ‘bread’ for those who hunger and thirst. Each session takes its stimulus from a song that will lead us deeper into the spirituality of Eucharist.

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